Feedback site

On this page I share a huge selection of all the nice feedbacks which I have recieved after creating this website. Some of the comments are slightly edited, and all of them are presented in a way that hopefully will respect the writers integrity.

Feel free to write me some words whenever you like, using [email protected], and I will probably post some of it here, if and whenever I'd like. ;)

Please continue jw.songs, it's very nice to play, thanks.

Thanks for posting MIDI files of these Kingdom Songs. Would like to see all the songs from the broadcasts. I especially would like "Just Around the Corner" if you could do that one. My kids are learning the guitar and we want to play it for family worship project. Thanks for doing this, very kind of you.
-Michael, USA

Hi My name is John, from Australia WA.
Are you a brother and which country? I'm classical and flamenco guitarist.
Thanks you for all your hard work, much appreciate.
-John, Australia

Hello, I am from British Columbia, Canada.
Thanks so much for the PDFs of the songs on guitar it's crazy helpful!
-Brittany, Canada

Dear brother,
Just want to say thank you for your hard work! We really enjoy your tabs here in Quebec, Canada.
-Yves, Canada

Hello brother,
I'd just like to say a huge thank you for all the hard work you've put in to arranging our kingdom melodies into such beautiful guitar renditions. It brings me great pleasure spending time listening and learning such renditions. Thank you sincerely!
Your fellow sister from South Wales.
-Abigail, United Kingdom

Arepeggio, I just came across your excellent web site. Great arrangements and excellent performances and recordings.
I am somewhat of a recording buff so would be interested in knowing what kind of recording gear you use - microphones, preamps, interface, microphone placement and so forth.
Also, very nice sounding guitar. What is its brand and model number if there is any?
-Mark, USA

Hello Brother,
I am learning your tabs, may you continue making tabs about Jehovah kingdom songs :)
-Raymond, Philippines

Dear brother,
My name is Anh and i'm from Berlin germany. It's 1:37 o'clock already and i'm still surfing youtube to find an arrangement of the song 101, for a very long time yet. Because it's my favorite song and I really want to play it on the guitar. There are some versions I could find but it's not similar to the original song and i don't like them at all. And somehow I watched every video about kingdom song guitar and finally i found you and found your arrangement of the song 101. And i really like it, I'm so happy inside, you cant imagine! I want to say: Thanks for your work for translating the kingdom song into tabs. I really appreciate it. Let me give u a big HUG. I actually downloaded all of your arrangements.
Please stay healthy brother.

Thank you for the tabs. I highly appreciate it because I like to play guitar too.
May Jehovah bless your work. :)

Hello Brother,
My name is Geneviene from New Zealand. Thank you for putting together beautiful tabs and music sheet for our Kingdom melody songs to Praise Jehovah...
I enjoy the guitar and piano very much, instead of pursuing my time on learning worldly songs I can Praise Jehovah by these tabs.
Christian love
-Geneviene, New Zealand

I am a French brother and I appreciate your work, which allows me to play the kingdom songs on the guitar.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much.
I love the song 65, did you intend to do it?
Thank you very much.
-Christophe, France

Hello my brother,
I really enjoy your work. It has been a big help in learning the songs. I was wondering if you were going to post some of the other original songs that we have on the broadcasts, like the one you did, "Best Life Ever". Keep up the good work.
-Jerry, USA

Thank you so much for all your hard work transcribing the Kingdom songs. Though I've played guitar for almost 20 years, I've never taken the time to learn how to sight-read. Your tablature transcription are wonderful, and they are giving me the opportunity to both learn songs for Jehovah and also to practice my finger picking (which I've always been a little sloppy with).
A couple months back I was playing some music with friends, and we played a few Kingdom songs (just the chords, basically). "He Will Call" is my favorite, and I decided to google tabs for it. I found your site, and the rest is history.
Thank you very much. The songs sound so beautiful on the acoustic guitar. I have no doubt your self-sacrificing work is providing happiness to brothers and sisters around the world and giving a beautiful praise to our God.
All the best,
-Tyler, USA

Many thanks for your wonderful work!
I play all the songs with my Synth Guitar Godin Multiac Series. It's very amazing playing guitar but hear the music of a sax, violin, trumpet and more than 70 others instruments.
Hope to see soon all the kingdom songs.
Bye bye!
-Fiorenzo, Italy

I love being able to learn how to play kingdom melodies on my guitar and be able to praise Jehovah in more than one way with song. Please continue to add to your collection of kingdom melodies. I really appreciate your contribution :) Keep it cool, brother.
Warm greetings,
-Jared, USA

Hi Bro!
Thanks for your hard work! These are great!!
Just wondering, I have transposed some of the Kingdom Songs for Ukelele - just the chords, so that it's easy to play for beginners.
Currently I've just written them on my song book or some of them are on separate pieces of paper. Not sure if you'd be interested in uploading something on your site? I was thinking of putting the uke chords up the top and then the transposed melody.
Anyway, you're doing a great job with the guitar stuff!
JiaYou! (that means 'add gas' in Chinese or 'go-go-go' like encouragement in Chinese)
-Miriam, Australia

Hello, good morning!
I don't speak in English, is possible the song 65? It is the second favorite song, please and thanks!

My name is Deric, and I live in California.
I have been playing guitar since I was 15. The song I would like a tab for is 211. It's from the old kingdom melodies vol 6.
These songs help to lift my spirits. I would play them for my children to help them sleep at night.
Thank you for your time and attention dear brother.
-Deric, USA

Good Afternoon!
Brother/Sister favor please.
I always checked this website, for me to play well our kingdomsong for Jehovah with my guitar.
Can you post the tabs under this following numbers?
17, 27, 31, 32, 46, 54, 62, 65, 70, 75, 86, 92, 102, 107, 109, 116, and 128?
Thank you very much in advance! I'll hope you granted my favor soon!
Sincerly yours, Brothers from Philippines and Japan

Dear Sir,
For my father I was searching for a fingerstyle arrangement of "Golden Heart" by Mark Knopfler, and found your video.
I was so moved by your interpretation that I had to find the tabs but couldn't find it. I saw you had a website with tabs but without this one.
Is there any way to get this tab for personal use? I understand that you put effort in making this and fully respect your authorship. If needed i'll pay for it
The reason I want it so bad is because my father loves this song and I want to surprise him with this.
I hope to hear from you.
Kind regards,
-Chris, Netherland

I Found the song "Golden Heart" in YouTube. You play the song beautiful. Could you please send me the tabs and the picking of this song. I will be very happy.
Thank you so much!
-Thomas, Germany

I have been very pleased with your site and being able to download and print the guitar scores of the Kingdom Songs.
King David loved music and to praise Jehovah with melody on the harps and stringed instruments. I know the guitar is actually a percussion instrument, but it has 6-strings (sometimes 12). I am anticipating more from you including the new songs. I hope you will list more soon.
-Kathy, USA

Estoy muy agradecido por las tabs. Alabar a Jehova con instrumentos es muy hermoso. Me encantaria que me envien porfa los tabs de cantico 86.

Hi Arepeggio,
Love your arrangement of "Golden Heart"!
I'm from Melbourne Australia and I love listening to your arrangement. I have attempted to duplicate it but I was hoping that you may post the arrangement on your website.
Thanks for your music arrangements which I enjoy listening to.
Best regards,
-Phil, Australia

Hello. My name is Lachlan.
I have found your website to be a blessing because I have been looking for this music for a while. I have prayed about it and I have finally found. Please keep writing these songs in tab because I love to play them. Thank you.
-Lachlan, Australia

I stumbled upon your website and I have to say thank you for the work you went though to tab this music out. I can finally learn to finger pick the new songs. So thank you again.
Sincerely your sister,

I wanted to learn how to play the kingdom melodies and the search engine lead me to your site. It is the best I ever met. I believe your tutorials and tabs will help me attain my wish of learning the kingdom melodies on the guitar.
Thanks a lot. May Jehovah bless you!

It's very good to play the songs in the guitar.
Can you also do a small intro for the songs, the tone we hear before the lyrics?
Thank you very much!
-Joel, Sri Lanka

Hello Brother!
My name is Mark, and i'm from Hungary.
I just want to say thank you for your works, it's excellent!!!! I visited your site before a few years, but there was only a few songs, but now i tried again, think maybe you uploaded some news, and WOW! a lot! Thank you again.
I have a little request for you. It would be nice, if you upload the song 77. Thank you :)
Keep moving forward. Best wishes,
-Mark, Hungary

Hello brother,
I am a sister from France near Paris.
I like play kingdom melodies on piano and guitar. I'm not very good at guitar. I learned it one year with a teacher in 2008. But I continue to play a little. And my pleasure is the Kingdom Melodies. We organise a meal with the olders and the pioneers next week, and with another brother, we would like to play melodies to make surprise everybody. The brother plays violin.
So I thank you very much for your work and your partitions. I'm going to train to play more easily, thanks to you. My preferred is 138. It's a very beautiful song.
All the best, see you soon!
-Pascale, France

Hi, my name is Herve.
I'm from Burkina Faso and i live in Ouagadougou the capital.
I want to thank you very much for what you are doing. Even if i'm a beginner in guitar playing the tabs are very interesting.
BARK WUSGO (Thank you in my mother tongue)
-Herve, Burkina Faso

Hello from NY.
"Give us more faith". I been looking for this song's tab, but nothing... Can you help please...?
-Andres, USA

Send me a tab for song no 81. I wish you make a guitar tab for song number 81.
Ok, thanks for reply. I like your compose. My favorite song is 41. I like simple tabs and big sound in my ears.

J'aime ton site. Je me suis achete une guitare classique expressement pour apprendre les cantiques a la guitare. Je ne trouve rien de facile a jouer en picking malgre le fait que je joue de la guitare acoustique depuis au moins 40 ans mais, faire (je n'en fais plus) de la musique country sur scene et aujourd'hui je m'essaie au picking et de plus, un manche beaucoup plus large qu'une acoustique normale, ouff rien de facile mais j'y arriverai un jour. ;)
Merci pour les fichiers pdf.

To my brother!
I like your songs.
I love No. 60 in kingdom song.
If you possible, please No. 60.
From your brother,
-'Yang', Korea

My name is Jared. Your arrangements are wonderful! I never was incredibly good at guitar, but your arrangements are so easy to learn and play.
I've been trying to tab my own arrangements, but it's really hard, although I'm sure you are aware of that.
-Jared, USA

Can you please add kingdom melody #60... I would so appreciate it!!!

Sarebbe bello la tascrizione del Cantico 32. Ne sarei immensamente felice.
Grazie, Un Fraterno Abbraccio!
-Gioacchino, Italy

Dear brother,
Thanks for your effort. I serve as an elder for 30 years and relax by playing my guitar. I enjoy classical, blues and of course Kingdom Melodies. If you have time, please upload some more videos on Youtube.
Christian greetings

Soy de Mexico y soy un admirador de su trabajo que gracias a Jah nos proporciona pues gracias a ello puedo hacer dos cosas que me encantan... Hacer musica y alabar a Jehova. Me he animado a escribirle para darle mis mas sinceras felicitaciones y agradecimientos. Todo ese trabajo que hace, esas molestias que se toma para sacar los canticos no pasa en vano y es muy apreciado y seguramente no soy el unico. Ansio poder tocar la cancion 81 Danos mas fe. Muchas gracias y siga asi :) Jehova lo cuide
Un hermano y amigo de Mexico :)
-Dany, Mexico

Wonderful work my dear brother.
I have found myself a useful source of playing our kingdom songs and widening out programs and so on. Keep up the good blessed work!
-Lucia, Africa

Very nice to see the new songs. I can't find better tablature anywhere else. Please keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for all your hard work on the tabs!
We really appreciate it, it is a real blessing from Jehovah!

Saludos hermano en la fe!
Valoro mucho su trabajo hermano, provee estas herramientas que permiten a nuestra alabanza a Jehova, le pido por favor suba la cancion 60, se lo agradeceria bastante. Bendiciones y que Jehova lo bendiga.

Thanks for song 143. It is a favourite. It goes to our Scandinavian hearts.
Thanks so much!
-Tommy, Sweden

I am a guitar player from the Netherlands.
I recently discovered your website, thank you for sharing your beautiful guitar arrangements.
You made a really beautiful arrangement of Mark Knopfler song "Golden Heart", do you have the tabs for this song?
I would really appreciate that.
-Klaas, Netherland

Thank you brother. You don't know how much these songs mean to me.
And thanks to Jehovah's great holy spirit on these brothers to make these beautiful songs to Him and on you for making them available for us.

Kingdom song request from New Zealand :-)
Dear Brother
I've just discovered your website this week. I had seen the kingdom melody videos you posted on YouTube some time ago, but it is wonderful that you have tabbed out the songs and made them available for others. Well done! :-)
With the kingdom melodies there are lead sheets that can be used from the One song that many brothers and sisters love is "The Best Way of Life" but there is no sheet music for this. Would you able to tab out a fingerstyle version of this song please?
I look forward to your reply.
Best wishes, your brother,
-Dan, New Zealand

Great job, please the song 36, I wait your answer, thanks so much.

Definitely one of my greatest joys is making music to Jehovah. Thanks brother!

That was stunning and that guitar sounds beautiful! A tutorial of golden heart is in my prayers :(

Kisiera favor que me mandaras el cantico 111.

Can you do an arrangment for song 142? I wait for your reply, thx alot.
Hope Jehovah bless us all!

This is just simply beautiful. Thank you. There are many Golden Hearts.

l am a brother from Zambia who enjoys your Guitar renditions of our Kingdom songs, thanks for the good work and excellent guitar songs.
l am a begginer guitar player and would like to learn to play kingdom like you do in the videos posted. Do you have tutorial videos showing step by step clips on how to play some of the songs? It would really help most of us to learn how to praise Jehovah in song whilst accompanying ourselves with guitar.
-Thomas, Zambia

Hey brother,
Thanks for sharing your tabs, I really appreciate it. Can you do me a favor please. Song #111 ?MAHALO!
-Gadolfo, Hawaii

My name is Richard and I was wondering if you take requests to make tabs for guitar? I really like song number 88 children are a trust from God and I was wondering if you take request to make that into a guitar tab. I was just wondering because I've been learning your tabs. Thank you!

I know it's not religious but I am sure many people would like to see "Golden Heart" by Mark Knopfler added to your on-line collection...

Dear friend,
I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you, sincerely, for all the hard work you've put in to arrange our Kingdom Melodies into beautiful acoustic guitar arrangements. I think music is such a large part of our worship to Jehovah, and I love the direction that the organization is taking lately; stressing the importance of singing, and music in general, in relation to our worship. I love playing guitar, and I love worshipping Jehovah, and you've provided a way for me to enjoy both things at the same time. Please know that the hard work you've put in is really appreciated, and that, no doubt, you've provided for many an additional activity for family worship with your great guitar arrangements. Please keep it up! I look forward to additional guitar arrangements as the Slave releases new songs.

Hi brother,
I really love your beautiful tabs of our songs. I cant wait to learn every one! Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi Brother,
Thanks for you work in posting these tabs! My son and I are learning guitar and these tabs will be a big help to play the Kingdom Melodies.

Thanks for the tabs. They're really helping me learn kingdom songs. The lyrics you added to song 138 are cool. They helped me to learn playing the song quickly. Could you do that to other songs? W'd be grateful.

Thanks for the addition Brother!
Continue your glorious work and someday I might drop by at your place, kindly send my warm regards to our brother and sisters in your congregation.
-Aron, Philippines

Dear Brother,
I am very grateful to have stumbled across your site. Would you believe it; I have been not even necessarily praying to find guitar sheet music for the Kingdom Songs but dwelling upon it. Jehovah really knows the thoughts of one and provides for those who want in accordance with his will. I've even asked my study conductor if she knew of anyone who had guitar sheet music for the Kingdom Songs. It was hard for me to explain it to her that guitar music is written differently from piano or other instruments.
There are four songs that I would love to have the guitar sheet music for: #136, The Kingdom Is in Place - Let It Come!; #137, Grant Us Boldness; #138, Jehovah Is Your Name and #111, He Will Call. There are two others, but I hate to ask for too much, however, they are Keep Your Eyes On The Prize and Jehovah Is Our Refuge. If you have plans to include these scores in pdf, please let me know. I have saved your website to my favorites and will check back from time to time.
Thanks for your site and your talent and most thanks to our great God, Jehovah for answering my wish.
-Kathy, USA

Thanks brother
Look forward to meet you someday.
My wife and i are working as volunteers in the missionary work in Cambodia, it is good to associate with such a world wide brotherhood.
-Leonard, Cambodia

Thanks for the hard work, Brother. I will practice the arrangements.
Thank you
-Kwa, Indonesia

Hi brother
Thank a lot for your good job. Have you got new kingdom melody 138?
-Xiao, France

I found your great site for having your own renditions on our new Kingdom song book.
I cannot find the song #87, could you please create the tab for me please?
I'll be the one playing it to my friend's wedding. Hope you would grant this request within this days.
Thanks and may Jah bless us always :)
-Aron, Philippines

One of my friend told me about your website,, and i really liked and enjoyed it.
Playing our kingdom song with guitar is really awesom.
I just wonder if you have 'new songs' in tablature form.
I and my friends here want to play the new songs with guitar.
If you have them, or if you have a plan to do that, plz send them,
-Jimmy, South Korea

Hello brother'
Do you have more songs like that
I would like to play the 130th and other beautiful one
Thank you so much for your kind Help
-Carlos, France

Thanks for the site for kingdom melodies, have not as yet worked with any of the songs but have to get around this guitar pro first.
Look forward to learning some kingdom melodies. Thanks again for your hard work.
-Leonard, Cambodia

Hello Brother
I just wanted to say thank you so much.
This combination of the chord graphics, standard notation and TAB that you posted in PDF is perfect for me to take the next step in learning the guitar.
I have been looking for a way to learn song 11 and 120 for years in fingerstyle.
If there is any way you could add 111 that would be incredible.
I love kingdom melodies guitar posts on youtube as well, and have learned a few songs from there too, but it's nice to be able to download it and not have to start and stop the video.
-K. O.

Hi brother.
I really love your renditions of these songs and I am trying to learn to play them.
I would like to download your versions of the MP3 files to keep on my phone. Could you email them to me so for my personal use?

Hello Brother
Thanks for the tab of kingdom melody (nr 134).
I beginning play guitar, and I am happy play melody.
Thank you, because you propose this tab with generosity. Sorry for my english, I'm french...

Hello Brother,
I am interested in learning a kingdom melody on guitar and I stumbled upon your awesome website.
I have one question though. Do you happen to have the tabs or chords to kingdom melody #132 of the new ones.
I think in English its "Victory song" or something like that.
If you don't it is fine too. I just really like that one.
Thank You!
Sincerely your Brother as well

I have been looking for a website like this for so many years so that I can play and sing praises to Jehovah and maybe even someday play before and with Jehovah's people.
I very much appreciate the accurate tabs since I cannot read music.
May Jehovah bless and continue transcribing such beautiful praises to Jehovah

I really enjoy your variation of the kingdom melodies. They true enhance my relationship with Jehovah. Thank you.
I want to ask if you still had the original ones from before the update. Particularly song 7 the Christian Dedication. And the other song.
I believe you had two other songs that were not part of the kingdom melodies. If you can please email me them please and thank you.
May Jehovah always be with you!
-Ashley, USA

Just learning.... Love your work!

My name is Anosh I'm from India and i'm jw.
If u have tabs or chords of our kingdom song name-lord here I'm send me or any other kingdom song then please email me.
-Anosh, India

I really appreciate the effort you put into producing these tabs. THANK YOU!
Just a suggestion?
If you were to put the words onto the PDF tabs, it would help newbies like me to figure out the timing of the melody a little easier.
Again...thanks for your hard work!

Hello :D
My name is Louise, unbaptized publisher.
I'm from Greenland and I really like your midi files, thank you for the good work :D
It's hard to find midi files of Kingdom songs, especially piano versions.. u see I can't read sheet music yet, so that's why I download midi files ;) so keep up uploading ;D
Best regards, your half sis'
-Louise, Greenland

Thank you very much for the beautiful Tab, you do a very good job!
I'm now enjoying your tab. I Finally find the tab for 120 listen obey and bless.
Look forward for your next tabs

Obrigado , ja olhei o site agora é so praticar, da onde voce é?
Grande abraço
-Danilo, Brazil

Hello im Caleb and i was looking at the songs you have tabs for and i would like to know if you have a tab for song 132.
Thanks for the songs on your website.

Thank you so much brother!
I will be working on these songs until I get them perfect! Thanks again!
91 is my favorite song and I've been working on learning it! You have saved me years of work! Thank you so much! You continue to inspire me!
I follow everything you post on youtube! Please keep posting music, and praising jehovah!
Your composition of life without end helped me tremendously thru some hard ships dealing with the truth..
I was disfellowshipped for about a year and when I would get discouraged or I'd fall back to some hard to quit habits I'd play that song myself and be filled with holy Spirit and the want to do do what's right!
Ive since been reinstated and am working on doing all i can for the good work, So thank you!

Hi, my name is Jon.
I'm a Jehovahs witness from east Texas.
I first saw your video of life without end at last and fell in love with your version!
I downloaded the tab for that one and Christian dedication and now am skilled in both songs..
A while back you had poems prayers and promises by John denver on your website.. but I didn't see it last time I checked 4/5/14.. is there any way you can email me the tab? I would love to learn it!
Look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your nice music. I know it's a lot of work, but it's beautiful.
I play the classical guitar and I know it's not easy to transpose the music written for the piano into the guitar.
I look forward to other arrangements you might make in the future.
Christian love from Australia,

I was so thrilled to find this, I just enjoy guitar so much more for personal listening! Thanks

Dear Brother,
Thanks for your hard work, translating these beautiful songs into guitar tabs. (Thanks to the organisation for providing them)
I have printed all 15 songs and hope that the other 120 songs will be available soon.
Well, first song for me to learn is Song #120 because my 3-year-old son like this song. It's his first Kingdom song to sing.
Then, I will learn Song # 89. It is my favorite.
Music introduction on Region Convention few months ago, Song 89, played with classical guitar motivated me to learn playing guitar again.
Thanks again for the hard work, Brother.
-Kwa, Indonesia

Thank you so much for making this page!
I want to be able to play kingdom songs, but can't read music. This is exactly what I need.
May Jehovah bless you!
Please add song 130

Peux tu m'envoyer le cantique 101 pour guitar pro? Merci
-Xiao, France

Thank you so much. Just starting to learn guitar. Your hard work is most helpful.

Me parece algo muy bonito esas transcripciones tan exactas de nuestro cancionero CANTEMOS A JEHOVA para guitarra. Como logras sacar los acordes teniendo capo dastro yo no lo puedo entender. Por favor hermano continua con esa excelente labor que nos beneficia a todos los que tenemos una guitarra y queremos alabarva Jehova Dios con cancion

Good Afternoon brother,
I need to chant the 60 "He will make you strong" in arpeggio on the guitar.
I have the guitar pro 5, plus anything I download the 6, then put on the website or send me to this email.
If possible the Chants 87, 91, 101.
Thank you!

Thanks to you brother for the great tabs.
Wonderful work!
-Yves, Quebec, Canada

Just to say how pleasant the nice, steady playing is. I love hearing our songs played by "private" brothers, of any age or talent, but yours are really good listening and I was able, because you included your web address, to download the tunes alone instead of converting from youTube, which I usually do! What talent there is in Jehovah's organisation!
I don't play guitar myself (I tried DIY years ago, but the time and talent wasn't there) but I can see how useful what you have done would be.

Dear Brother,
I would first like to say how grateful I am of your work.
It is truly heart warming to think of other brothers around the world glorifying our wonderful God Jehovah through the guitar.
I simply googled Kingdom Melody Guitar Tabs and there your website came out.
I have spent much time learning the songs, printing the tabs, cutting and sticking them in my guitar tab notebook I have.
In family worship I have played them to my family and often my Mum and Dad enjoy just listening to my terrible playing!
I will be baptised a year a week tomorrow, and since taking the guitar up again I have progressed quickly and I have enjoyed playing the melodies to friends and others.
Although I am 13, I know a few songs quite well and I recently bought a new guitar from Fender!
However, I would love to request a few songs to be tabbed if possible.
They are: Song 65 - This Is The Way, Song 3 - God Is Love, Song 75 - Our Reasons For Joy, Song 87 - Now We Are One, Song 88 - Children Are A Trust From God and Song 92 - Preach The Word.
I know that this is a huge list and a load of work and if you only do one or two then I would be absolutely thrilled my brother!
Thank you so much for your wonderful help with playing, it brings many so much delight.
Now my cousin who is now married to a Chinese sister and pioneers in China plays from these tabs and so do many from his congregation.
One study who owns a guitar shop used to do his own arrangements but now uses some of yours!
I hope this email brings you encouragement that many brothers and sisters are thankful to your wonderful work.
Brotherly love,
-Euan, Great Britain

Greeting Brother
Thank You Very much for the chords you share in site.
It is very helpful for others (like me) to play the Kingdom songs to praise Jehovah God.
Hope you can post more new kingdom melodies and I'm waiting for it.
Can i request of a tab of Song number 75 coz i want to play it to the visitors in our congregation?
Thank you again and Jehovah Bless us all.
-Benjamin, Philippines

Hope this email finds you in good health, both physically and spiritually! :)
Thank you so much for posting up your guitar tabs! :) Finally, songs worth learning how to play on the guitar! :)

Hi there,
I just discovered your website today and wanted to thank you for all your hard work in doing these arrangements of our Kingdom Songs for Guitar Pro.
I play finger style guitar too, but with a thumb pick, because most of the guitars I have use steel strings and I also happen to like bluegrass guitar music.
Please keep doing these arrangements for Guitar Pro so that more of us can enjoy playing Kingdom Songs on our guitars!
-Rod, Australia

I'm a Witness in Ghana.
I started learning how to play the guitar exactly a year ago, because I really want to play the kingdom songs to glorify Jehovah.
I thought I would never have guitar tabs for kingdom songs.
As you can deduce, I'm still a beginner. Any help would be highly appreciated.
-Ebenezer, Ghana

You will have the melody 87? You contribute is free, but I'm willing to pay for the transcription of the melody on guitar.
Thank you!!!!

Im from indonesia
And im grateful for your guitar support
I would like to request a tab in our sing praises to jehovah songbook no #111 titled He Will Call, thanks!

Hello!! nice page, think you can upload the chants 68, 91, 101, 110 and 111?
Thanks in Advance my Brother...

Any chance you have tabs for kingdom melody #120? It's to play for my son who's only 2yrs old.
Thank you brother,

Hello dear brother,
My favourite Kingdom melody song is no. 110.
Are u able to make there a guitar pro tab for?
Would love to hear from you,
Yours faithfully,
-Victor, Netherlands

Dear brother.
I am a 68 year old sister from Tucson, AZ, USA.
I don't know much about the computer but I found some music that you play so beautifully on YOUTUBE.
Is it possible for you to make a recording on CD or MP3. I would be happy to pay for a copy.
You play more beautifully that most brothers that I have heard. Your tones are so soft and distinct. I don't know much about music either, but I do recognize beauty. I would like to be able to listen to your music in the car or while relaxing at home.
Jehovah has blessed you with a special gift. Could you please contact me if it is possible to receive some of your beautiful music. Besides the beautiful songs of praise to Jehovah I also heard, Golden Heart and Poems, Prayers, and Promises.
Thank you,
-Jan, USA

Dear Brother,
I was so excited to find these tabs, thank you for your time and efforts.
Do you have any of the new songs arranged? I would love to learn them, but I don't have the ability to figure them out on my own.
Please let me know if you do, even if you don't have time to post them on your site you could email them to me in as a word or pdf file.
Thanks Again!

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