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Hello guys!

My name is Arepeggio, or at least, that's my nickname on this site. The word "arpeggio" comes from the Italian word "arpeggiare", which means "to play on a harp", and that's kind of what I do, using my guitar. In addition, my nickname 'Ar(e)peggio' also contains the first letter in my surname. I'm a Jehovah's Witness and have been for many years. I live in Norway, probably just because I'm a Norwegian.

Actually, I started playing guitar many times in my teens. I played on and off, mostly off. But it wasn't until I was eighteen that I could play more than three different chords, and also remembered them for next time. I didn’t mind though, since I only played casually, and never dreamt of becoming famous in any way. But still in my early twenties, playing guitar had become a passion of mine, and what I concentrated most about, were playing different fingerpicking techniques. I also eventually started making my own versions of different tunes that I liked. And I especially preferred to play them on one of my nylon-stringed classical guitars.

On this site, I share some of my guitar interpretations from over the years, including quite a number of our Kingdom Songs. As I already mentioned, a few of the interpretations were made many years ago. But really a lot of them were made recently, after I was dared to put it all on out on the internet. Though most of my YouTube videos reflect the content of our old songbook from 1986, all the Kingdom Melody tabs, GuitarPro files and mp3 files presented here on this site, comes from our newest english song book “Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah” (2016).

As a bonus feature, I will also invite you to join me and my friend John on our exciting trip to Nepal back in 2005. Just click on 'My Nepal Story' in the menu...

At last, please tell me if you like my work or not, at [email protected]

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Have a nice play...